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Down the Ink Well

Bonus material and behind the scenes oojimaflips

Above: the eye of Mr Tench, a close up of the face poking through from the other side on the cover of book one.

This website will be an ongoing place to see related works, stories and news, behind the scenes artworks, discussion, comments and more.

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Sketches of creatures, 'by The Lord of Nonsense'.

Bonus Artwork

Some extra images

Here are a few image I made either for fun, or for part of the finished covers. 

A luminous crayon cat!

This kitty never made it to the finished book, but another cat did. He’s from a Philbert Tench book, called ‘The Home for Unwanted Drawings’. He’s one of the ‘lighter characters’. That’s as much as I can tell you…

The Scatophagus

A much darker character/book by Philbert Tench.

I’m happy to mention him, because doing so wont spoil the plot.

This is not a real book – just a mock up. 

Someone you don't want to meet.

I’ve silhouetted him, and wont mention his name for the sake of the story. You’ll know him when he’s mentioned I suspect. He’s the stuff of nightmares.

The Grin monster

This is a painting I made years before I started writing the book. It just so happened that he wanted a supporting role, and i had one for him. In the books, he’s another one of Philbert Tench’s creations.

Some original sketches

Click to enlarge

The black and white drawings were played around with and the best selected to appear on the finished ‘parchment’ on the background of the book one cover. These represent Philbert’s drawings.

The man himself

This is Philbert Tench aka The Lord of Nonsense.

The picture is called ‘Mr Tench and friend’. 

I’ve said too much!

Oh, I could add the books aren’t illustrated, but this one got in. I’m interested in producing an illustrated book, perhaps a cornucopia of Tench’s creations, but we’ll see…

More to come, including publication dates, extra images, information/ features news on sequels...

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