About Me.

After I made this, someone I knew said it looked like the real me. Not sure, but I like the idea of that.
I don't like talking about myself much ( I do like talking about my projects )but that's the job here... Three pictures seem to do the job better than one, as they cover a few more sides of what I do/ make... I guess.
Self portrait 1995 approx.

If you were looking for a 'headline' it would probably be something like 'man works in secret for years and suddenly reveals a body of work some forty years in the making'. My current aim is to build this 'platform' to finally release five already written novels/novellas/ novelettes, which are then to be followed by collections of short stories, more novels that are currnently in various states of completion and to continue to create multimedia experiences including readings, films and anything that seems interesting and different that I haven't thought of yet. My earlier years were more about the painting, the last twenty have turned to writing, which has become the home for my heart. For an attempt at a 'me' description, please read on....


After a mixed past as a portrait artist, electrician, fine artist, musician, photographer and more, I found myself working in the media as a cameraman/ editor and multimedia artist. This included a continued output of personal art projects – some of which were sold – and an increasing interest in writing, which had started way back in school ( rather experimental poetry from the age of eleven ). Perhaps twenty years ago, I joined a drama workshop, wrote and directed in a number of eccentric little shows, and thanks to the acquisition of my first video camera, started making sketches and more experimental films, which ( pre internet ) got an occasional airing on a subversive Channel four show called ‘take over TV’. Fast forward five or six years, and I had, written lots of short stories, and, while continuing with all my other creative endeavours – but at a reduced rate  – realised if I was to write novels, there was a craft to learn. I hope now that I have learned it, as, after starting quite a few novels, I one day stumbled upon an idea that would rule my life for the next twelve years: The Lord of Nonsense.

The above seems to be roughly the sort of thing we’re supposed to say on pages like this: a potted history of various activities… But the real story to me, is about the urge to reach out and find something new, which, when I succeed, feels like I am truly alive. 

When I was about six, I realised if I pretended I was Georgie Best, I played better football. I was always bad at it, but I definitely played better ( this affair was soon cancelled altogether due to lack of interest). This fascinated me and somehow became a formative enough moment in my life to write here, today.

Somewhere around the same time, I was driven, in a Mini Cooper, past the Stonehenge monument, with ‘in the year 2525’ playing on the radio. That strange feeling of fascination it gave me was as addictive as playing with my inner dialogue to alter my ‘abilities’ ( the Georgie Best thing ) and the whole idea of searching for amazing moments/ things/ stories etc while trying to create some kind of flow, seemed to fix in me. 

All these years later, I still search and still get overjoyed when I feel like I found/ made something.

I hope to paint more, but writing won me over a long time back, as it has the possibilities I look for. to be able to set a scene in a person’s mind and take them on a complex journey of thought processes is, to me, amazing. When I meet other writers, I often can’t wait to discuss the tools of the dream weaver’s trade. They are what make things happen.

My influences/ interests range from choral music to prog rock, from Die Antwood to Jonie Mitchell; from Dr Who, the Twilight Zone and general psychological horror to the ‘Airplane’ movies, Family guy, Victoria Wood, ANY documentary you could imagine, the surrealists, Beethoven, Dvorak, the  Pre Raphaelites….

We never expect people to be one thing, to only like Mars Bars or to always be depressed or happy, and I never wanted to find one voice. I like to work ‘in voices’ and ‘in languages’. To me, the voice and language used, the style and importance – or triviality – of a piece are the colours I like to mix and paint with. 

So, my readers are more likely not to know what to expect beyond me saying ‘this is just a bit of fun, or ‘this profound and deep’…. 

I think a lot of them like that. 

Writing something called ‘about me’ can only be done by allowing what is written to not really do the trick, but I tried! Well done if you made it to the end.